15 minutes exercise can stretch the body


1 Slowly inhale, left foot forward stride slightly bent, right leg straight, hands palm relative, slowly lifted to shoulder high.
2 Slowly exhale, his hands raised above the cheek position to continue upward, while the upper body slowly to the back, to maintain this action three seconds after the resumption ready position, this action around as a group, repeat 3-4 group
1 squat legs splayed at a 90 degree angle, his hands were placed on the front of the thigh, palm relative, abdomen and chest into the ready position.
2 Slowly inhale, his hands palms forward, respectively, from both sides of the lift to shoulder level.
3 foot straight, right back to the ready position, the left hand across the top of the head continues to slowly upward, waist bent to the right, the focus gradually shifted to the right, keep this position for 5 seconds after the return to the ready position. This action is a left group, repeat 6-8 groups.
1 foot forward stride about one meter long, upper body bent parallel to the ground, his hands palm relative, raised to shoulder high into the ready position.
2 upper body continues to slowly bend down, so that his hands palms stays, keep this position for 15-20 seconds.
3 rotor body slowly to the left while the left hand and right hand homeopathic lifted up to the same line, keep this position for 15-20 seconds. This action is a set of left and right, repeated five groups.

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