Men salt foot bath benefits


Brine feet promote blood circulation, you can let the active ingredients of brine into the kidneys and heart, so as to achieve kidney effects. Secondly, you can remove the foot saltwater cold feet, foot wear while adding pebbles, it can improve the effectiveness, through the promotion of human context of effective sleep aids anti, but also the treatment of colds, and even enhance memory, make the mind feel relaxed. Because salt brine with antivirus sterilization efficacy makes a good anti-virus sterilization efficacy, with salt foot bath can clean feet. Salt exfoliating feet can. Because salt has exfoliating effect, so the salt into the hot water were feet, you can use hot water heat enhancement exfoliating effect. Feet time not too long, to 15-30 minutes is appropriate. In feet, because of the bad foot accelerate blood circulation, resulting in heart rate faster than usual. So if you soak too long will lead to heart burden. Prone to complications, such as dizziness and syncope.

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