Drink plenty of water can also be beauty


Dry skin will be like a dry land, rough and tight, there will be dry desquamation and fine lines, thereby causing pores, bleak, sensitive and other skin problems. Woman is made of water. Water is the most basic of skin nutrients. Dry skin as desert. Desertification, you know how serious it.
You will drink the right way?
Do not be surprised ah! Water is the easiest way to pay for the skin, but you have to drink water properly, or you’ll make more more missing, the final result obviously drank a lot, but still short of water, drink good learned.
Your favorite drink or tea or water?
Drink water and tea or other drinks, although these can also quench their thirst, and even some tea can also play a role in health care, but still different, but the water with water as a basic element of the human body is an irreplaceable role.
Do you like to drink hot or warm water or ice?
While our nation’s people always like ice water, but from the regimen, the more help the body absorb warm water can help detoxify the body to keep skin healthy. Although I can hardly restrain the temptation or a lot of movement in the summer after the ice water, but for the beauty and health, or the amount should be controlled.
You usually drink mineral water or distilled water?
For the benefit of mineral water, mineral water, alkaline water. The distilled water is generally acidic, balanced on the human body, especially the kidney function is not suitable for weak people. Suggest that you try to drink mineral water, avoid consumption of a variety of distilled water, distilled water, even drinking water filters also apply filters cooked before drinking.
Do you feel thirsty to drink water only?
When you feel “dry” when in fact the body of water has lost 2% of body weight. Also drink plenty of water should not be “cattle drink”, several small mouth to drink it more conducive to absorption in the intestine. If you are super lazy woman, really do not want to trek one minute to pick up water, then please prepare three or more bottles, filled with all the cups of it every morning.


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  1. ibear says:

    We often say that people need eight glasses of water a day. But how to drink 8 glasses of water can play a multiplier effect? Better to take a look at the following:
    Up in the morning to drink a glass of water – add water consumed in the body during sleep, help lower blood concentrations of gastrointestinal detoxification.
    After reaching the office to drink a glass of water – all the way back and forth through the busy, his body dehydration.
    After working two hours – the body begins a little tired.

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