Deformity of the face and neck liposuction surgery and repair


Face and neck subcutaneous fascia has a wealth of expression muscle, Deep and can be divided into four layers, the surface of muscle and adipose tissue gap coverage, due to the surrounding fatty tissue surrounding and lubrication, expression of muscle activity when the surface of the skin will not be involved, for facial movement has a crucial role, and therefore pay particular attention to the face and neck liposuction liposuction grasp moderate levels and subcutaneous fat reserves, where the main prompt the face and neck liposuction must be reserved at least 2-3mm subcutaneous adipose tissue, prevent hematoma and infection, excessive pumping, hematoma, infection can result in the complete absence of subcutaneous fat, causing the skin and deep muscle adhesions, muscle activity during joint movement along the skin, resulting in depression or stiff appearance. Treatment under the circumstances to be taken with or without stripping the skin peeling, free fat or autologous fascial tissue transplantation filled resolved.

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