Be misunderstood in health knowledge


When your body is still waking up in bed, you shorten the time of exposure to sunlight, because the body temperature will be a long period of inactivity become too low, which secrete a large amount of melatonin can promote sleep the human hormone so, the next day you will feel more tired and sleepy. And this will prevent you from entering deep sleep to sleep at night. Only sufficiently good deep sleep, the body’s physiological functions can be fully repaired, the immune system can be enhanced, and the energy can be fully complementary. Prolonged sleep time does not necessarily make up for their lack of sleep, on the contrary, if blindly rely on the bed, but did not get quality sleep. This is for the human body but is harmful. Overdose of vitamin E in fact not only can not play aging, disease prevention role, it will affect their health. Some long-term large doses of vitamin E, people believe that vitamin E for blocking fat oxidation produces free radicals particularly effective. However, lipid peroxidation can produce free radicals cause damage to human cells, accelerated aging and leads to heart disease. Although small amounts of vitamin E can effectively prevent oxidation. But the amount is too large, it is possible to accelerate the oxidation damage to the human body, and may also inhibit the body’s naturally occurring antioxidant. Moderate laughter good for your health, can be uplifting, increased appetite. Laughing can make the body’s diaphragm, chest, heart, lungs get useful exercise, but also to accelerate blood circulation and regulate the heart rate, but also make the face, arm and leg muscles relax, and thus play a medicinal effect. But some people laugh too much, it will have adverse consequences. Hypertensive patients, laughter can increase blood pressure, induced stroke; cerebral embolism, stroke, subarachnoid hemorrhage patients in the recovery phase and do not burst out laughing, to prevent relapse.

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