How does office worker treat stomach trouble and chronic enteritis?


Ulcer patients should avoid eating spicy food, active intake of fish, eggs, beans, etc. with high quality protein, vitamins, minerals, food. Secondly, we should regular diet, slowly, while maintaining ease of mind. Special attention should also, spicy foods will stimulate the gastric mucosa, people usually do not eat spicy food is best not to eat a lot of spicy food disposable. Summer gas will stimulate gastric acid secretion, and this time people tend appetite is better, there are a lot of people eat spicy food, which will lead to recurrence of stomach or the original stomach. Coupled with modern work pressure and mental pressure, if long-term in a nervous state of mind can not be alleviated, can easily cause the nervous system and endocrine system disorders, leading to gastric acid secretion disorders, weakened the protection of the gastric mucosa, causing stomach problems. In addition, nervousness also easily lead to stomach, duodenal wall spasm, reducing blood supply, accelerate the incidence of stomach. It is reported that: more than 60 percent of the stomach is not normally secreted by the stomach acid caused. Propolis has been able to treat stomach problems, because it has a good film, a layer of impermeable film can be formed on the mucosa, resist acid erosion, and to stop bleeding, promote healing of ulcers and other effects; addition, because it bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, and thus can protect and promote the updating of damaged tissue. So propolis can treat stomach!

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