Goats’milk nutritional value higher than milk


Compared with milk, goat’s milk people drink less, a lot of people are not accustomed to its smell taste, its nutritional value is not enough to understand. Modern Nutrition study found that goat’s milk protein, minerals, especially calcium, phosphorus, slightly higher than the milk; vitamins A, B content than milk, the protection of eyesight, physical recovery is good. Compared with milk, goat milk is more easily digested, baby digestibility of goat milk up to 94%. Since goat’s milk easy to digest, evening drinking does not become a burden the digestive system, it will not cause fat accumulation. Many people turn away from goat’s smell. In fact, as long as the cooking time to put a few grains of almonds or a small bag of jasmine tea, boil, remove the almonds or tea leaves, you can basically get rid of smell.

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