Refrigerator fresh mistakes


Many fruits are not suitable for fridge storage, especially mangoes, persimmons, bananas and other fruits like berries. At low temperatures, the smell will diminish, skin will degenerate. In the refrigerator will not only affect taste, but also easy to mildew. Like oranges, lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits, at low temperatures, oil is easily penetrated the epidermis flesh, flesh is easy bitter, so it is not suitable for the fridge. Fish should not be stored in the refrigerator for too long, household refrigerators refrigerated temperature is generally -15 ℃, the best refrigerator can only reach -20 ℃, and aquatic products, especially fish, at -30 ℃ storage temperature does not reach when following, fish tissue dehydration or other changes occur, such as frozen fish for a long time, it is prone to rancidity in fish, meat changes, not edible. After refrigerated chocolate chocolate in the refrigerator, once removed, at room temperature, that will bear a layer of frost on the surface, easy to moldy, lose flavor; Do leftover moon cake in the fridge, moon cake with flour, oil, refined sugar and nuts and other ingredients, and after baking pastries. Baked goods are not stored in the refrigerator. Under low temperature conditions, aging of the starch water will precipitate, become aging, moon cake hardens, taste deteriorated.

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