The method of preventing hyperglycemia


Glycemic index (GI) foods due to lower type 2 diabetes are overweight, it just let his weight loss of 5 to 10 percent, we can significantly improve blood sugar. So, as long as appropriate to reduce calorie intake, you can get a better blood glucose control. General rule of thumb is: reduce 15 grams of carbohydrates (about the equivalent of 50 grams of rice steamed rice or 30 g, 150 g apples or pears, 400 ml or 300 ml milk, sugar-free yogurt) can lower blood sugar about 1.7mmol / L. For example, if you measured the blood glucose level before a meal is 10.0mmol / L, then you can eat one or two of rice at dinner and drink a glass of milk, so that you can make your blood glucose levels close to 6.6mmol / L. Provides a general basis for standard time, however, because each person’s reaction to such adjustments are different, so this is just for everyone to make dietary adjustments. In addition, select a lower glycemic index foods (ie, does not cause blood sugar rises quickly or excessive foods) also helps blood glucose. Due to the impact of a food on blood sugar will vary, so in order to figure out some kind of food on your blood sugar rises exactly what role you have more than necessary to compare the measured blood sugar several times. For example, if you want to know the same amount of carbohydrate containing oatmeal and whole wheat crackers impact on blood sugar situation, it is necessary to eat two hours were measured both before and after eating food glucose values??, and then compare the two elevated blood sugar capabilities. Increased activity or exercise more type 2 diabetes patients get better glycemic control through strengthening exercises usually. Even very simple exercise, such as walking 20 minutes a day, as long as stick to it, you can effectively improve insulin resistance and weight loss. Study confirmed that after a reasonable exercise, diabetics can indeed reduce the amount of antidiabetic drugs, or even completely out of medication. Adjustment of medication (to increase the dose, increasing the number of medication or combined with another antidiabetic drugs) despite exercise and diet adjustment method is very economical and very few side effects, but when these practices can not achieve the desired blood glucose levels, it prompts us it is necessary to adjust the medication. Compared with the previous two methods, the drug is indeed faster, more effective treatment of hyperglycemia. If you are receiving a small dose of oral medication, the doctor may recommend that you increase the dose or let you put the medicine would have to eat once a day into early evening once again to take, if the dose has been great, the doctor may give you an additional hypoglycemic drugs.

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