The right way to the office lunch break


1, inflatable neck pillow is a must. Proper nap sleeping position, the principle is not to oppress internal organs, which is conducive to rest, like a desk and sleep this sleeping position is a direct veto. Men take the recommended supine sleeping position or to the right place, which is the body best. The best nap office workers sleep on the bed or sofa, if not possible, you can prepare a traveling inflatable neck pillow, nap set in the neck, find a chair back, relax can enjoy sitting nap.

2, prepare a blanket for warmth. Do not think nap time is short, but it is a step in the summer you can ignore the warm nap. After falling asleep in muscle relaxation, telangiectasia, Porokeratosis queen, warm improper susceptible to colds or other illnesses. So pay attention when a nap in the office from the cold, in addition to avoiding air conditioning, fans blowing directly where the body of sleep, but also saddled with a small blanket guarantee warm during sleep.

3, can not take a nap immediately after lunch. A short break at noon for white-collar workers are racing against time, so that some white-collar workers a lunch, immediately lie down and take a nap. This is not desirable, would only lead to a lot of blood flow to the stomach, decreased blood pressure, decreased brain and nutritional support, can lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain. The best ten minutes after the lunch break, and then take a nap. There, it is recommended not to eat too much before going to bed or too greasy.

4, wake up to have a buffer time. After the general nap, people have little sense when waking trance, then do not worry work immediately, especially complex or dangerous work. Best to drink a glass of water, and then to work sober look.


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