Sesame oil treatment rhinitis constipation


Dry weather, poor sleep, overwork, etc., can cause nasal dryness, congestion, headaches and other symptoms of chronic rhinitis. At this point can be sterilized cotton balls dipped in sesame coated suffering in the nasal cavity, usually once effective, two symptoms totally disappeared. Take 50 ml of honey, sesame oil 50 ml, approximately 1000 ml of warm water; honey in a bowl stir after blistering, and then slowly incorporated therein sesame oil, mix well; finally pour warm water, stir, and serve. This method of treatment effect of intestinal dry constipation caused significant. Suffering from bronchitis, emphysema, and if at bedtime drink a sesame oil, then get up the next morning to drink a day can significantly reduce coughing. If you drink every day, slowly cough can be good. There are smoking habits, often drink sesame oil, can reduce irritation and damage, as well as a direct lungs smoke smoke spot on the teeth, gums, oral mucosa, while the absorption of nicotine is also relatively inhibited. Sesame suffering from emphysema, bronchitis great help, before going to sleep Hekou sesame oil, then get up early next morning to drink a day can significantly reduce coughing. As every day insist on drinking cough will gradually be reduced.

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