Persistent extreme fatigue to prevent heart disease


Myocardial ischemia pain signals through the nerves pass will reflect the same level of the spinal cord in the area, nearby organs such as the shoulders, neck, jaw, arms, in this context, so these organs will feel pain. These are often characterized by the onset of pain is today neck pain, jaw pain into the next day, or the pain of today, the next day It does not hurt anymore. This phenomenon of pain shift, we must draw attention to the medical checks. If you have these reactions in the absence of any obvious reason is the case, then you most likely cardiovascular out of the problem, which caused stomach discomfort. Arterial blockage due to fatty deposits will reduce or even block the transfer of blood to the heart, and this can cause angina. When you show up above symptoms, timely rest will help you ease the discomfort. If it is a sign of heart disease, these symptoms will not last long, but it would have been back and forth. So, once you’ve eaten in the past habitually taking antacids, vomiting drugs, etc., and soon relapse, then we must consider the heart of the problem. Last for days, weeks or even a few months of overwhelming fatigue, then this announcement with your heart problem. Of course, you might say a cold will feel tired, but persistent fatigue is not simple virus. More than 70% of women with heart disease at the time of confirmation will be extremely weeks before fatigue.

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