Barley tea can anti-aging


Cause of human aging is a component called “reactive oxygen species”, the active oxygen through their daily diet, the accumulation of stress and ultraviolet increasing accumulation in the body to induce the body’s aging. Jimmy tea is has the power to reduce this component, so Japan have women believe that wheat tea has people rejuvenating effect. Although the statement is slightly exaggerated, but it can be seen, barley tea superior efficacy in terms of anti-aging. Meanwhile, reactive oxygen species, or one part of the lifestyle-related diseases such as cancer, the incidence of myocardial infarction and other reasons, drink barley tea for preventing the onset of lifestyle-related diseases also have some positive effect. Other tea because it contains caffeine, a good diuretic effect, in the summer and autumn and other hot weather need to add water, barley tea does not contain caffeine, water better than tea. Now just out of volts, there are many places remain high temperature state, this time may wish to drink barley tea to give it a try? Mai tea has the effect of promoting blood circulation. Want to keep the beautiful white skin, good blood circulation is indispensable, because the blood has to transport nutrients throughout the body to function, if poor blood circulation, the skin will not get adequate nutrition, and thus become dim matt.

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