How to prevent cardiovascular disease


Especially following the crowd more should pay great attention to the prevention needs immediate cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. (1) obesity and poor diet are. They tend to excess nutrients, the blood cholesterol levels are too high. (2) 40 years of age, especially those with dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, memory loss, numbness of the limbs, hearing and vision loss and other symptoms of middle-aged friends. 3) excessive alcohol and tobacco, those who live without the law. They are easier to cause vasospasm, poor blood flow, often suffer from premature cardiovascular disease. Daily pressure, mental stress, leading to human neurological disorders, metabolic disorder; major organ function loss of balance, could easily lead to atherosclerosis, which causes coronary heart disease and cerebral thrombosis. The secret prevention of cardiovascular disease is a reasonable diet, regular exercise, quit alcohol limit, eat less salt and mental balance. Born fish oil makes cardiovascular disease prevention has been a reliable guarantee. Prevention of cardiovascular disease should develop good habits as follows. 45 years and older middle-aged, obese, have a family history of hyperlipidemia, who regularly participate in food and drink entertaining, highly nervous workers, are considered high-risk objects, should be regularly (at least once a year) to check blood lipids, blood pressure and other indicators.

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