Eat less salt, reduce the risk of gastric cancer


World Cancer Research Fund study shows that eating a high salt content of foods such as bacon, bread, breakfast cereals and other foods may reduce the risk of gastric cancer.

According to the BBC, the World Cancer Research Fund, said that if the British in accordance with the recommended amount of daily salt intake to eat, then the number is expected to reduce the occurrence of gastric cancer in the United Kingdom seventh.

According to reports, the total human daily salt intake should not exceed 6 grams, that is to say a teaspoon Xiaoping, but the World Cancer Research Fund said that the British actually eating salt, 8.6 grams per day, especially men.

In the UK, there are around 6,000 cases of gastric cancer, the World Cancer Research Fund, said that if people observe the daily intake of no more than 6 grams of salt, you can reduce the cases of 800 cases of gastric cancer.

Often difficult to cure stomach cancer, stomach cancer, once diagnosed because most often to late. The most important thing is to start from prevention, to change people’s lifestyles, eat less salt, eat more vegetables and fruits. Eat less salt does not just rubbed salt into the fish and chips, because most of the food which is already salty. This is exactly why the World Cancer Research Fund appeal for food “traffic light” labeling system, red light means high salt content, yellow indicates moderate, green indicates a low salt


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