Lemon slices soaked efficacy and role


Fresh lemon water to drink because of extremely rich in vitamin content and therefore is the beauty of the best to prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation acts whitening. Drink lemonade may also prevent cardiovascular disease because calcium can ease lemonade, promote blood clotting effect. Therefore, prevention and adjuvant treatment of hypertension and myocardial infarction. Lemonade contains large amounts of salts of citric acid, it is possible to suppress crystallization of the calcium salt, and to prevent the formation of kidney stones, or even so that part of patients with chronic kidney stones reduction becomes small. The annual meeting of the American Urological Association research also shows, drinks containing lemon juice beverages can increase urinary citrate levels, the chemical can prevent urinary minerals form crystals in the kidney that kidney stones. Lemon is rich in vitamin C has anti-bacterial immunity to help improve a variety of effects, such as collagen formation often drink lemonade drink a day can add vitamin C cold 500-1000 ml of cold lemonade can relieve runny nose scattered on something else, especially You can not just cold medication in addition to antibacterial and boost the immune system as well as hot weather Kaiweixiaoshi thirst and little is known about the effectiveness of more lemon also expectorant and expectorant than the orange and lemon juice, citrus also forcing might flush drink can relieve a dry throat, sore throat and discomfort reduction plus honey with lemon drink warm water and salt can accumulate throat sputum coughed up smoothly at the beginning of a cold.

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