Causes of senile plaques


Sometimes senile plaques are not necessarily only appear in the body of the elderly. Many young people, but also can occur when the senile plaques unknowingly. Nutritional supplement insufficient, resulting in senile plaques. These, in order to prevent spots need more nutrition. Especially vitamin, prevent age spots, essential vitamins. Even more to add, other nutrients. Should carefully clean the skin, wash the face. Do long face of the computer. Because the computer radiation is the biggest killer skin. In the office, we must do radiation prevention. Radiation will cause the skin to form senile plaques. If you often irritable, impatient. Will lead, endocrine disorders, causing skin problems. Elderly, because in the past the body is better. But also to maintain a cheerful attitude. Sunlight, regular sun, easy to form a rotten spots. The sun is a very important exogenous, direct stimulation factor. Clinically, with significant seasonality. Nucleic acid can delay aging, but also healthy skin beauty. Scientifically proven that women take a daily nucleic about 800 mg, vitamin 2 g, 4 weeks after the majority of facial wrinkles will disappear, rough wrinkled skin becomes smooth and delicate, age spots will gradually decrease. Containing nucleic acid-rich foods include fish, shrimp, liver, yeast, mushrooms, fungus, pollen, etc.. Yogurt containing acidic substances, helps to soften the skin sticky substance that can remove dead cells, wrinkles can be eliminated. Eat pork skin tissue dysfunction can be improved, but the human body can use the nutrients in the skin, the full synthesis of collagen, and then combined with collagen through the body of water, keep the skin smooth and reduce wrinkles.

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