The diet of patients with diabetes mellitus


People with diabetes should choose less oil salt and light meals, cooking multiple dishes with steamed, boiled, cold, rinse, stew, stewed, etc.. Vegetable oil cooking is appropriate to minimize the dinner. When dinner should try to eat at home in accordance with the usual amount of time to choose between food and meals. Some people think that meat is protein, sugar, rice is so much meat does not cause blood sugar to rise. In actual fact, the meat into the body can also be converted into sugar and provide fat. Diabetics daily cholesterol intake should be less than 200 mg, to limit the animal fat and saturated fatty acids with high fat intake, eat less fried, fried food and pigs, chickens, ducks, kidney, liver, kidney and other organ meats foods. Note eating rules, eat at least three meals a day, but also to timing, quantity, an interval of 4-5 hours between meals. Patients with insulin injections or patients prone to hypoglycemia should be 2-3 times in three snacks between meals, you can come up with some food aside from three meals with snacks do, this is an effective measure to prevent low blood sugar . I like to drink a small amount of patients may allow alcohol intake, such as 100-150 ml of red wine daily. Does not encourage drinking hard liquor. Note that, fasting drinking can lead to take to promote the use of insulin secretagogues or hypoglycemia in patients, and therefore should be drinking while eating.

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