Damage to the silicon-containing hair shampoo


Long-term accumulation of silicon attached to the scalp can cause the surface of the thin film is formed over time, will affect the scalp’s metabolism; sensitivity to scalp people, there will be itching, swelling, and even clog hair follicles, making hair thinning can not be tough , leading to hair loss. Dye, perm, hair of the basic needs of the whole is everyone looking at this case can create a new look. But if the hair has accumulated too much silicon, it is possible to roll when the perm is not so hot, the hair will be relatively hot finish no flexibility, more time will affect the hair, hair color unsaturated; most notably, for each hair blowing the whole day, you can not blow fluffy hair styling. The right amount of silicon is good for the hair, such as solving severely damaged hair when Reorganizing convenience; silicon can form a protective film on artificial hair, tangled hair can help more good comb. Coated cuticle, making hair more silky touch, looks more shiny.

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