Smoking man skin damage


Nicotine is a smoke contained in the most deadly toxic substances, because it can enter the body through the skin, so whether smokers or passive smokers who are being poisoned. Smoking can prevent the body to absorb vitamins, including vitamin C has antioxidant, can inhibit production of oxygen free radicals, if long-term smoking, the body will accumulate a lot of this body waste, so that the body cells from damage. We know that free radicals cause skin aging is the culprit, many anti-wrinkle skin care products is against the principles of the human body’s free radical generation. Because nicotine cause adverse skin blood circulation, destruction of elastic fibers within the skin tissue, thus allowing premature aging of the skin, which is why people smoke in the face looks relatively old reasons. Smoke contains toxic substances such as acetone, the substance can dissolve the grease, dry skin allergies and have a stimulating effect on the skin, long-term smoking can lead to skin aging, dull. Cigarettes dust particles will remain in sebum layer, forming thin layer of toxic and not easily penetrate, and makes acne prone skin or inflammation. Due to deterioration of the skin’s blood circulation, making the facial skin becomes pale, tired, dry and lose elasticity. The larger pores of the skin, easy to form wrinkles, but also the case of broken capillaries may occur locally.

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