Autumn should drink honey water


Nutritionists say that the season into the fall, to drink honey, eat ginger. Since the fall of the dry climate, dry gas lung injury, plus eat spicy ginger and easier to damage the lungs, increasing the body dehydration, dry. So, the body must often give themselves “Water”, more water will become a necessary tool that we deal with, “Qiuzao” of. Experts recommend drinking salt water during the day and at night to drink honey water, not only a good way to supplement the body of water, but also a fall health, resist aging diet recipe, but also can prevent constipation caused by Qiuzao. Honey contains nutrients particularly rich, the main ingredient is glucose and fructose, in addition, also contains protein, amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D and so on. Honey has a strong physique, improve intelligence, increase hemoglobin, improve cardiac and other effects, often taking the honey in the fall, not only conducive to the rehabilitation of these diseases, but also prevent the “Qiuzao” For the human body injury, played lungs, Yangfeihuoxue role. Experts remind that in the fall to eat, or eat spicy foods like barbecue, such as chili, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, etc., especially ginger is easy to heaty. This requires people to grasp in the diet of a “degree”, a small amount of onions, ginger, chili as a condiment, the problem is not big, but do not eat, eat. This is just a way to adjust the diet of the fall, no matter how healthy is the first one.

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