After the exercise is not suitable for eating meat


Many people believe that after the exercise excessive physical exertion, often prefer chicken, duck, fish, meat, eat a big meal, this tonic, to recuperate. However, on the contrary, some people not only did not receive the elimination of the effects of fatigue, but feeling swollen muscles, joint pain, mental fatigue worse. After manual or large amount of exercise, the body will feel very tired, sore, it is because the body produces a lot of lactic acid. In sports training process, the body needs more energy, but because of the rapid increase in skeletal muscle oxygen consumption, muscle hypoxia, glucose oxidation is limited, so that the consumption of glycogen and lactate greatly increased raw Chengdu, which so that the neutral or alkaline the body a bit more damage to the environment. Therefore, muscle aches and fatigue. In the case of muscle soreness, the body’s acidity already large, if you continue to eat acidic foods rich in protein and fat, such as fish, meat, eggs, seafood, grain, sugar, peanuts, beer and other foods, will increase blood acidification, slowing decomposition of acidic metabolites, thereby increasing the degree of fatigue. In fact, when should eat alkaline foods, such as beans and soy products; spinach, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, lotus root, onion, seaweed, apples and other fruits and vegetables, sea vegetable species; milk and dairy products and so on. These substances generated in the body metabolism alkaline substances that can change to prevent blood acidity, and accelerate the elimination of fatigue, maintain human health. Therefore, the movement has just ended, you can drink a little drink containing electrolytes, more than half an hour before meals after exercise, will help ease the body adapt to accelerate their recovery process. Should eat more foods rich in alkaline, in order to facilitate the body to maintain a basic balance pH and maintain human health, brought about as soon as possible to eliminate fatigue movement.
But the young crowd after exercise, the body’s growth and development needs adequate protein and carbohydrate food supplements, in addition to improving the quality of some sports, such as strength, speed, power, endurance quality, also require acidic foods. For these people, the movement is not not eat chicken, duck, fish, meat and other acidic foods, but to eat less, eat more alkaline foods.

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