There are eye diseases do not eat garlic


Garlic in addition to help digestion, stomach, digestion, sterilization functions, garlic and garlic preparations there is a strong regulation of blood lipids, cholesterol, anti-coagulation, inhibition of tumor cells, lowering blood sugar, liver, enhance immunity and so on . Garlic is not only bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, but also prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer, much people of all ages. Garlic contains allicin which has a good anti-inflammatory effect on colds and diarrhea caused by bacteria have a good bactericidal effect.
However, garlic is good, but not everyone is Safe, but not every day consumption. Suffering from glaucoma, cataracts, conjunctivitis, sty, dry eye and other eye diseases usually best to eat. In addition to eating garlic, but got the eye, the best foods to eat more seductive. Dry eye occurs with vitamin A deficiency, should be properly eat animal liver, eggs, milk and other vitamin A-rich foods. In addition, carrots, tomatoes, spinach and other food-carotene or carotenoids, can also be converted in the body into vitamin A. Some people’s eyes sensitive to light, love tearing, blurred vision, fatigue and other symptoms, which is the body of riboflavin, vitamin B1 deficiency, should eat pig heart, lean meat, green vegetables, eggs, milk, beans , fish, brown rice and other supplement. If you had conjunctivitis or sty, to eat green beans, cucumbers, bananas, melon and other fruits and vegetables cool.

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