Health benefits of red wine


People who drink red wine should know that red wine contains a substance called resveratrol (containing 0.43 mg per liter of wine) can prevent cardiovascular disease, and through wine quercetin (7.84 per liter of wine included mg) reduce cholesterol. Red wine in particular substance can prevent arteriosclerosis, and a good role French red wine is more obvious than the German red wine effect, especially on the grounds that the French Burgundy and Bordeaux wines two best wine resveratrol content much higher than other grape-producing areas, perhaps with the local climate and soil related. Resveratrol can increase endothelial cells form carbon monoxide, Mainz Mainz scientists can even prove that the mechanism of cell resveratrol: Carbon monoxide can prevent platelet agglomeration. Forstmann this mechanism been tested in mice. However, he did not find grape juice and white wine has a role in protecting the heart and blood vessels, the same liquor there is no such effect. Therefore, experts believe that: drinking cup or two of red wine a day is not only enjoyment, but also a healthy drink.

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