Breakfast and human health


Breakfast on human health is extremely important. Modern physiologist studies show that people of normal blood glucose levels during fasting is 80-120 mg / 100 ml of blood. If the blood sugar level is too low, they will feel hungry and tired, and even dizziness, unsteadiness, or heart palpitations. Maintenance of blood sugar levels, depending on eating the first meal of the day type and quantity. Do not eat breakfast, it is difficult to maintain the body’s normal blood sugar levels, hypoglycemia will directly affect work, study and body. At the same time there will be lack of concentration, poor and stress reaction force decline, there may be serious collapse, low blood sugar coma. Do not eat breakfast, the evening before the day to noon the next day for lunch too long, the secretion of gastric juices and hormones middle will lose balance, the result will cause a partial eclipse. Eclipse will have a negative impact on health. Some people skip breakfast to lose weight and this is wrong. In fact, eating a meal also not fat reduction. Because people go hungry is limited, on an empty stomach for lunch but will eat more. Eat some breakfast, because the secretion of gastric juice in the morning is not strong, stomach and no food, then absorb stronger, especially the absorption of vitamins and minerals is the best moment of the day. Breakfast control calories, more protein, this is the principle of weight loss, but also the health of the country. People often do not eat breakfast in the long fasting after lunch if devoured, but also prone to Zaoke, after committing a serious eating disorder sleepiness; fasting for too long, it will reduce the secretion of digestive juices, resulting in dysfunction, this is the main reason causing gastrointestinal disease.

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