Choose their own toothbrush


Toothbrush variety on the market, on the toothbrush health functions have continued to emerge, and some will be made convex type brush bristles, causing some of the toothbrush handle streamlined. So, what most healthy toothbrush like it? Experts point out that a good toothbrush, to comply with the following standards. Toothbrush head should blunt the tip shape. Those brush on the market square, triangle toothbrush is best not to buy it. Dentist recommended toothbrush head norms, namely the length of the toothbrush head should be 2.5-3.2 cm, a width of 0.8-1 cm, with 2-4 rows of bristles, 5-12 bundles each row of bristles, the brush head should blunt the tip shape. Each set of bristles to high. Now toothbrush in the central region on both sides of the bristles bend and shorter bristles are more common, but studies indicate that these toothbrushes remove plaque ability is not great. Therefore, the proposal is still selected high toothbrush bristles. Multi-beam bristles better. Usually in bundles of bristles arranged in 3-4 rows, much more favorable beam bristles improve cleaning efficiency. Spherical tip bristles to avoid straight cut ends of the gums caused by friction. Do not choose a toothbrush bristles. When selecting a toothbrush, press down with your fingers bristles, such as tingling fingers, said too hard, should not be optional. The brush handle and the brush has a certain angle. Toothbrush handles should match the hand, there are two kinds of linear and angular on the market today. Clinical studies have shown that the use of linear, forced bad master, and angle-type plaque removal is easier to reach the area. General brush handle and brush head angle to 17 degrees -20 degrees is appropriate. In addition, there are some toothbrushes for special populations. For example, patients can choose between periodontal disease and gum massage toothbrush tooth brush, limbs activities inconvenient person, you can use an electric toothbrush.

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