How to achieve the best effect cycling fitness


Health, exercise reduced fat variety, a bike at the gym is a good choice. But pay attention to the movement of time, not too little nor too much. In the gym, stationary bike most popular, because not only can sit while exercising the above watching TV, listening to music, and even horizontal stationary bike is also equipped with a backrest, which is very comfortable. When stationary bike fitness through aerobic exercise, before moving within 20-30 minutes, the human body is consumed by food into glycogen. And 30 minutes after exercise, the body began to break down body fat. Stationary bicycle exercise less than 40 minutes, although able to play a cardiopulmonary exercise effect, but it does not consume more fat. If pedaling a stationary bike over one hour, the body is metabolized more muscle, lose fat rather than those who want to lose body sculpting. But the more personal the body’s muscles, metabolized more calories before, so it is not easy to gain weight.

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