Gastropathy patients not suitable for long-term drinking milk


Ginger belong to spicy food. If you drink a lot of patients with stomach ginger water will stimulate gastric acid hypersecretion, which can aggravate stomach discomfort, stomach pain and other symptoms. Many people think that the porridge is easy to digest, can reduce the burden on the stomach. This view is not comprehensive. Porridge and fried foods, not fermented bread, noodles, boiled corn, steamed corn bread and other foods is very soft compared to rotten, less irritating to the stomach. Therefore, patients with stomach can often porridge in the pathogenesis of acute phase. But if people do not have long-term benefits of porridge the stomach. This is because, porridge in more water, diluted juice will accelerate the expansion of the stomach, gastric motility becomes slow, which is not conducive to the stomach to digest food. Moreover, human saliva amylase is an important material can promote digestion. If people were eating when chewing, salivary glands in the mouth will not be a lot of saliva secretion, and thus will not have enough amylase appears. Porridge often inhibit the secretion of amylase, which is not conducive to human digestion of food. In addition, often drink porridge more desirable. Because of overheating and damage porridge will stimulate the gastric mucosa. Patients with stomach soreness stomach discomfort symptoms, drink a glass of warm milk can often relieve symptoms immediately. This is because the milk can dilute the acid, the surface of the gastric mucosa temporarily form a protective film, which makes people feel comfortable. But regular milk may not be beneficial for patients with stomach up. Clinical Practice has proved that the role of milk to promote the role of gastric acid secretion is stronger than it neutralize stomach acid. Stomach problems (such as gastric ulcer, etc.) if the patient were antacid treatment, it should not be long-term drinking milk, otherwise it will affect the results of treatment or aggravate gastric damage.

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