getting up how should eat


1, eat more food during the early morning wake up
This is a part of the fat burning faster crucial. Breakfast in the diet plan, plays a decisive role. When the person is sleeping metabolic rate will reach a minimum.
With the early morning awakening, metabolism will gradually return to normal levels. After waking up sooner eat breakfast, the metabolic rate will increase the ground faster. If you are a morning exercise enthusiasts, before exercise to ensure that eating a banana, exercise before eating breakfast. Irreplaceable tea or coffee for breakfast, oatmeal mixed with fruit, or a boiled egg and a bowl of porridge, bread, breakfast is a good choice.
2, do not eat breakfast too late to work empty-handed
If you’re too late to eat breakfast, you should be prepared in advance a semolina bread, some fruit, such as bananas and a bottle of yogurt to the office. Like, when hungry, you can readily get to a strong breakfast, work in a timely manner, “Come on.”
3, and a child drinking milk
Woman drinking three cups of yogurt a day will consume no more than 60% of the fat yogurt person. What makes yogurt become so magical, the answer is calcium-rich yogurt. It acts as a catalyst to enable the body to burn fat faster. Yogurt with tofu, vegetables, cereal consumption, the effect will be better play. 4, sleep will get fat
The next night, when soap operas also unable to stop, you have to say to yourself: “lack of sleep, it is easy to gain weight.” Virtually give yourself a kind of pressure. Sleeps 5 to 6 hours a day, an average of 7-8 hours of sleep a day than people weight 6-8 pounds. When deprived of normal sleep time, the body will produce large amounts of compression hormones to slow down the metabolic rate, while the second day will be enhanced appetite. If you get up at 7:00 in the morning must, preferably the night before going to bed at about 11:00. Do not watch TV before going to sleep, you can soak in a hot bath, or Reading a good novel.
5, honey loyal defenders of human cells
Bread coated with honey is not your favorite breakfast? Honey may wish to use darker colors, rather than light-colored honey. According to a U.S. study found that deep dark honey? Such as forest honey on human cells are particularly effective because it is rich in antioxidant protection of cell material. And good for the blood, circulatory system can prevent heart disease.
6, constant motion
The daily exercise is divided into two parts, for example: a 20-minute strength training early in the morning, half an hour after dinner walk, metabolic rate will be doubled. That phased exercise, burn calories more easily than a one-time exercise. Drawn five minutes every hour walk around, it will also be effective. But do not walk into such a misunderstanding, do not think that will work for one second the motion.


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