Men are not suitable for regular consumption of tofu


Soy products contain extremely rich of methionine, methionine is converted to cysteine under the action of the enzyme. It will damage the artery wall endothelial cells, make the cholesterol and triglyceride deposition in the arterial wall, leading to the formation of atherosclerosis. Tofu Han Piaoling more, purine metabolic disorders in patients with gout patients and blood uric acid concentration increased, eat tofu easily lead to gout. Tofu soybeans contain substances, will accelerate the excretion of iodine in the body. The long-term excessive consumption of tofu can easily lead to iodine deficiency, iodine deficiency disorders. The consumption of a large number of intake of bean curd, plant more protein will make the body of nitrogenous waste generated increased, increasing the burden on the kidneys, is not conducive to good health.

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