The right way to wash face


Many men is to wash your face and hands together, in the face before you wash your hands, this is a very important cleaning steps many men would be to ignore the. Our hands every day to fill a lot of dirt and bacteria as well as grease, if not to wash directly face it, not only can the facial skin clean, but also will be in the hands of dirt and oil into the skin, therefore, the men in the face before wash your hands. Pay attention to small details such as skin care for men, will be better.
Many men will be in the summer wash using cold water wash your face, wash your face with hot water in winter, according to different seasons to decide, however, wash water if the temperature is too high, will take away the skin surface of the oil, resulting in the skin water oil balance, make the skin more dry, and if the wash water is too cold, will boost the thick skin pores, and will destroy the skin capillaries, therefore, men for wash water temperature should be controlled properly, recommend men by about forty degrees Celsius warm water to wash face, does not stimulate the skin, also can make the skin to maintain moisture, not too dry.
Some men home only a bottle of facial cleanser, very much a family members share a cleanser that however, everyone’s skin is different, men want to choose their own cleansing products according to their different skin types, use inappropriate cleansing products easily lead to dry skin too sensitive, so don’t you share the same facial cleanser.

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