Anaerobic exercise makes you more man charm


Anaerobic exercise is muscles high-speed strenuous sports in the state of “hypoxia”. Anaerobic exercise is mostly high intensity, strong motion, so it is difficult to continue a long time, and fatigue elimination time is slow. The biggest characteristic of anaerobic exercise is exercise intake oxygen is very low. Due to excessive speed and explosive force is too fierce, the human body sugar too late after oxygen decomposition, and had to rely on the “anaerobic energy supply”. This movement will produce too much lactic acid in the body, leading to muscle fatigue can not be sustained, feel the muscle soreness after exercise, shortness of breath. Anaerobic exercise project common are: running, weight lifting, throwing, high jump, long jump, tug of war, the myodynamia training etc.. And for those who want to improve sexual ability through sports men, sports experts recommend the following three modes of motion: swimming endurance enhancing this can directly exercise to use more parts of life, such as arms, legs, waist and abdomen, can enhance human endurance. In addition, treading water can make the full rounded hips. Studies have pointed out, most women are admitted, the most to attract the eye, is always the men strong and smooth buttocks.

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