Diabetes diet principles


The amount of fruit is also possible, patients with diabetes can eat fruit, but be careful not to eat a lot, not fasting to eat, can not eat after a meal, usually at 9 in the morning until nine thirty, 3 points to 4 points in the afternoon; at night before bed at about 9 for suitable, preferably in extra meal time to eat, can also be used directly as add meat food, both the prevention of hypoglycemia, and can keep the blood sugar without great fluctuation. Risk of abnormal blood lipid level higher than the normal population, so, in diabetes diet emphasizes low salt intake is significant, not only can prevent or slow the onset of hypertension, plays a positive role in the prevention and treatment of diabetic nephropathy. A low salt diet should pay attention not only to the seasoning into the daily cooking process (such as salt and soy sauce), attention should also be paid to the pickled foods (such as ham, salted fish, canned products), there are now highly processed cookies, snacks and a variety of puffed food may add salt and MSG, chicken essence etc.. Low fat diet problem in diabetic patients is also very important. Intake of carbohydrates in the same conditions, if the high intake of fatty acid, blood sugar will rise after a meal, so long can be associated with dyslipidemia and fatty liver, as potential risk factors for cardiovascular disease. In the diet should pay particular attention to saturated fatty acid high animal fat such as fat, skin of the meat. The cooking process should also pay attention to the oil consumption, “can not fried steamed stew, stew and fried is not fried” principle control cooking oil. Diabetic diet should pay attention to the reduction of salt intake, high salt diet is an important pathogenic factor of hypertension, and hypertension will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Diabetic patients should try to eat fresh food, avoid eating canned fish, canned meat, canned foods, eat pickles, salted fish, salted and pickled food.

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