Change the method of dry skin


After a busy day, in the evening time to rest, men need to pay more attention to skin care before going to bed together. First of all, first clean the facial skin, and then apply moisturizing mask, and then clean the skin, daub moisturizing toner, can also use the essence to beat a circle on the face, don’t bother Oh, a set of skin care steps before going to bed, not one drop, men the skin can really fight dryness. However, the need to pay attention to is, before going to bed can not smear the skin too much, lest the skin no breathing space, deposited over the mask, moisturizing can appropriate. The weather is cold, the lips more dry, many of the men’s lips are in a peeling stage, how should do? Don’t just moisturizing facial skin, while ignoring the lips oh! Prepare a moisturizing lip balm, put it in his pocket, bag, bed, desk, anywhere smear, very convenient to moisture, avoid the dry lips. If you are not ready for a lip balm for themselves, that is to own too irresponsible oh! Because of the weather, the men’s skin dry skin is difficult to avoid, mainly to see us how to care. For skin moisturizing, moisturizing spray spray is indispensable, it is very convenient and simple form of a moisturizing, men can be in the bag, the head of a bed, desk, put a bottle of moisturizing spray, when you feel the skin of some dry, took out a spray spray, spray do not need too much, give skin complement the right amount of water can be. Need to pay attention to is, after spraying with tissue paper, press the skin, otherwise the skin surface of the water will be dry, the skin will be more dry.

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