Long distance running is beneficial to human health


Often insist on running, is conducive to the improvement of human cardiovascular health, reduce the other organ diseases of various body will produce symptoms and prostate. Running benefits also can accelerate the body detoxification The new supersedes the old., remove dirt, remove undesirable substances produced in vivo. Moreover long-distance running can enhance the body’s ability to various organs, increase lung capacity and exercise intensity in heart mitochondria, strengthen endurance ability in human muscle cells. Large amount of exercise can eliminate excess body fat accumulation, improve the equilibrium distribution of body size and fat and muscle, make the person look more strong and lean. Long distance running on human willpower is an extreme reinforcement, it is generally difficult to adhere to the daily running or to finish a race, in addition to their own physical quality, but also psychological need great willpower. Sustained long-distance running exercise, on human willpower is training well, right after the human will is greatly improved. Long distance running is a very good way to release the pressure of modern life, not only the body to get the reasonable exercise, the body will be a large number of savings pressure release, on mental health is mediation and protection of a good. Enjoy the joy of movement in the movement, forget the oppression brought the fast rhythm of life. Long distance running is a need to process cycle of gradual, initial training runners, can not look much sport. The best prior to warm up, let the body fully adapt, adapt to several kilometers, gradually increased each day, to the last slowly adapted to the whole process of long-distance running, distance shall be carried out in the flat road, to prevent uneven caused damage, also learn to self-protection measures and prepare the necessary drugs.

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