The nutritional value of Tomato


We often eat tomatoes, a substance called lycopene, is a very good prevention and treatment for some types of cancer, especially breast cancer, lung cancer, our common endometrial cancer are inhibited, also against lung cancer and colon cancer. Tomato lycopene also has a diuretic and effect is the effect of inhibiting the growth of bacteria, is a very good antioxidant, can effectively remove free radical substances in our body, delaying our internal body cell aging. Tomato, sweet and delicious taste, has a very good role in promoting appetite, lycopene in the fat state easily absorbed by the body. At the same time, but also can be made into tomato sauce tomato ketchup, nutritional value is also very rich, in addition to lycopene, and B group vitamins, dietary fiber and minerals and protein, natural pectin, comparison and fresh tomatoes, nutrition ingredient tomato sauce which more can let our body to absorb. In the tomato ripening time, eat some tomatoes, is very helpful to our body, and tomato can also be used as a fruit, fruit juice, uptake of different forms of dishes, for our appetite is greatly promoted, can effectively resist the invasion of cancer, the fight against aging.

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