Dental care is a good helper


1 celery
Big mouth when you chew celery, it is helping to carry out a clean-up of your teeth, so you reduce the chance of tooth decay. Because, “crude fiber foods such as broom can sweep a part of food residue on the teeth.”
On the other hand, when you chew the more strenuous, more able to stimulate the secretion of saliva, the mouth’s pH balance to achieve a natural antibacterial effect. Greedy, I do not think dessert snacks, celery, cucumber and carrots can be cut into strips, a greedy grasping to chew, massage gums, take the opportunity to supplement the amount of vegetables a day.
2, cheese
Everyone knows that the lack of calcium intake will shake the bone, in fact, will wear dental health, so from a variety of natural foods daily calcium supplement. Cheese is not only a good source of calcium, it can play other dental protection.
A tomato cheese breakfast sandwich: Prepare 2 whole wheat toast, an approximately 3 cm thick tomato and a low-fat cheese. First, the cheese slices on toast, add the tomatoes, then another piece of toast material sandwiched together. Toast to foil the whole wrap into the preheated oven and bake 8 to 10 minutes.
3, green tea
Very strong antioxidant capacity of green tea, which contains large amounts of fluorine (other teas have), you can and teeth apatite combined with antacid anti-caries effects. Depending on personal preferences, drink 2-5 cups of green tea a day is recommended exhausted after eating a meal or dessert drink. In addition, green tea contains caffeine, so pregnant women should limit consumption.
4 onions
Sulfur compounds in onions is a powerful antibacterial ingredient that can kill us tooth decay caused by Streptococcus mutans. Recommend eating fried onions, than to prevent tooth decay also helps reduce cholesterol, prevent heart disease and boost the immune system.
5, mushrooms
Mushrooms also help in protecting the teeth. Mushroom polysaccharides (lentinan) contained in mushrooms can inhibit the manufacture of dental plaque bacteria in the mouth. Mushrooms with a unique flavor and calories are low, regardless of soup, fried or salad is very tasty. 2 to 3 times a week to eat a variety of mushrooms, is simply not cost a lot of care methods.
6, guava
Want their gums stay healthy, eating a guava is another good way. Guava’s low in calories, a lot of people take it when dieting to increase satiety, and it has the highest vitamin C content of fruit the crown.
Vitamin C is an important nutrient for maintaining healthy gums, a serious lack of human gingival become fragile and susceptible to disease, gingival swelling, bleeding, loose teeth or loss and other symptoms.


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