Men’s beauty tips


But, in fact, sunscreen is not in order to prevent tanning, but in order to prevent bask in the old. Avoid sun exposure can significantly reduce the probability of wrinkles appear, the most important is can prevent sunburn, reduce the risk of skin cancer. The correct way is to smear a day with SPF male emulsion is good. We all know that the skin once a lack of collagen, means that the skin because of lack of protein and not smooth and elastic. So, tell her boyfriend had for the skin to add a little vitamin a single product, it can help the skin collagen regeneration. We live in a heavy fog and haze, eating unhealthy food, these will allow the skin to accelerate the oxidation. If your boyfriend is also love to drink beer, the problem will be more drama. Add some antioxidant food or health pill is a good choice. There are a large number of EGCG Green Tea, a powerful antioxidant, it is sufficient to protect your brain, and keep you from cardiovascular disease problems. A recent period of time and research points out, Green Tea can neutralize sun on the skin caused by injury. Cortisol is a stress hormone in the body, it has its own timetable for the highest level of metabolism, in the morning 6 to 8 points, the lowest point in the morning 0-2 points. Therefore, regulating vital sleep on cortisol. Reasonable sleep — the late morning get up at 8 in the evening, the 0 point night sleep, is not to affect the major premise of quality of life, the most basic method is the skin maintain a good ecological.

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