Frequent change of shampoo more easy to bald


Hair loss in addition to male friends and frequent shampoo, work pressure and other factors, there is one of the most common, but also the most easily overlooked is the reason, the frequent replacement of toiletries. Bald directly affect the male image, so many male friends will actively do a good job in the prevention of bald work. Cause a lot of, why men bald one, the main reason of frequent replacement of shampoo is also causes the bald. So the male friends in the hair to avoid the attention of some mistakes, learn scientific shampoo. Replace one personal care products and some people often months, actually doing so is wrong, first of all, shampoo and shampoo pH differences between. Secondly, the weekly shampoo formulations and additives are not the same, plant composition and chemical composition is also difficult to determine. Each replacement of a shampoo, it will bring the physical to the stimulation of the scalp. A person’s scalp shampoo on a process of adaptation, if have been using alkaline shampoo, scalp has adapted, suddenly changed into acidic, will cause the stimulation of the scalp, causing hair loss. Shampoo between formulations are not the same, the chemical composition has plant components, the new formula not meet the hair easy to damage, or aggravate alopecia. In the wash hair, want to choose the relative stability of the products, with their own 1~2 varieties suitable for have been used, do not follow the trend of fashion. When there is excessive itching and dandruff and then consider the replacement is the only correct way.

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