A correct understanding of collagen


People within the dermis there are two kinds of material collagen and elastic fibers. The young people the reason why the skin looks smooth and plump, soft and flexible because of the two substances in to maintain the best condition when he is young, but the 25 year old has gone, the body’s collagen loss rate began to accelerate, the supply of less wear and tear, coupled with ultraviolet radiation, oxidation of the body, are likely to undermine the structure of collagen, let it lose the elasticity, the skin will appear wrinkles and skin laxity. Some foods, such as beef tendon, pig’s trotters, chicken wings, chicken skin, skin all contain collagen, so Is it right? Often eat this kind of food to the skin will be more smooth and full? The doctor pointed out that, in fact, the human body the supplement of this kind of material, delay skin aging will help. But most of these foods have a higher fat content, not suitable for regular consumption. In fact, most of the collagen composition of the ingredients are non essential amino acids, the body can be its own synthesis. People do not need to deliberately eat this kind of food, eating a normal balanced is important. There is some skin care products known as containing collagen, smear can “supplement” the loss of skin collagen. But most Department of Dermatology doctors think, they exaggerate the effect of its own. Collagen is a large protein molecules, even the skin’s surface are hard to pass, not to mention the further reach the dermal layer, “added” that part of the loss of collagen. But some people react after use, skin becomes tight indeed, how can have no effect? Skin experts explain, in fact any large molecule substances, after working, will have the effect of compaction, even protein coated on the face, dries to form a layer of film, you will feel the face is very tight.

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