Winter improve immunity method


From the diet, the present study found that the relationship between several nutrition mainly immune function element is protein, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, iron, zinc, which also immunoglobulin, nutrients and our body’s immune organs and body fluid of phagocytic cells play the immune function of cells is association. The intake of these nutrients can promote our immunity improvement. We suggest that we should pay attention to adequate intake of high quality protein in the usual diet, satisfy the need of human daily, avoid because of protein intake is not sufficient to cause decreased immunity. Especially for the weaker people, such as the elderly, children and operation, to choose the high quality protein foods more easily absorbed by human body. Such as quality protein rich fish, bean products, egg, milk and so on. The content of unsaturated fatty acid in bean products is high, and contained in soybean products in plant chemicals, such as plant sterols, soy lecithin, and soybean isoflavone and so on these antioxidant substances. Cold winter, people usually lack of exercise, resulting in decreased disease resistance, so it is easy to catch a cold, this in the elderly, children and the infirm is most common among people. Therefore should strengthen take exercise, enhance physical fitness, do more outdoor activities. Walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, Tai Chi can enhance the body resistance, and don’t forget to post exercise drink to add moisture. To cultivate the habit of washing your face with cold water, is beneficial to improve the body’s ability to adapt to changes in temperature. In the winter to ensure adequate sleep is the most important thing, because whether you use any other way to resist cold, but if the body is always in a state of fatigue, other methods there is no way to play its full effect, of course, will not be able to thoroughly protect our health. If a woman every week just 5 hours of sleep, so she produced in vivo anti influenza antibodies than number every day, sleep 7.5 to 8.5 hours to less than half the people. Often in indoor activities of people to pay attention to the indoor sunlight, air circulation, maintain appropriate temperature, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large. To the regular window ventilation, keep the air fresh.

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