What bad habits will cause cervical spondylosis


Soft sofa is relatively low and full of elasticity, people sit up, the hips will cave in, back muscle and will be stretched in the posterior. Head down to read a book to play mobile phone, head of gravity will make the back muscles are stretched in the neck, increasing the chances of developing the disease. Long hair is repeated, long-term, unilateral cervical spine movement, so long, it is easy to make the neck strain caused by cervical spondylosis. When the upright posture people, vertebra is a face-to-face contact, stress is dispersed. While wearing high heels, can make the person’s center of gravity over forward, pelvis, spine bending increases, resulting in the contact surface between the vertebrae become smaller, the lumbar and cervical stress point concentration, damage. Tight underwear or lingerie straps pull too tight, will cause the cervical muscles of long-term in a state of tension, poor blood circulation, accelerate muscle aging, lose the ability to pull, the protection of the cervical traction.

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