Gastropathy patients do not fit to eat chewing gum


When people in chewing time, digestive fluid of saliva in the mouth and stomach will be secreted in large quantities, chewing gum will of course, because this is the natural physiological reaction. The saliva can help clean the mouth, but increased gastric acid secretion, especially in the fasting state, it will cause nausea, loss of appetite, acid reflux symptoms such as water. Long term fasting chewing habits of people, easy to cause gastritis or gastric ulcer and other diseases. Xylitol chewing gum chewing gum especially its components have the property of partial cold, not easy to be decomposed stomach enzymes, into the intestine, the absorption rate is very low, easy to accumulate in the intestinal wall, excessive intake can cause irritation and injury to the stomach, it is easy to cause abdominal discomfort, bloating, bowel cries and diarrhea and other diseases. Occasionally the chewing gum is a useful. But each time chewing time is best not more than ten minutes, also should try to avoid long time chewing the fasting state, in order to avoid too much stomach acid, causing damage to the stomach.

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