How do patients with diabetes winter itch?


Patients with diabetes due to diabetes, urine osmotic pressure increased, reducing capacity and renal tubular back to absorb water, urine volume increased. Diabetic skin itching symptoms, due to the large number of urination, the patient often has the dehydration performance. Water loss after the skin is very dry, patients often feel whole body skin itching, often difficult to sleep at night. In fact, the skin pruritus is a kind of subjective symptoms, many patients with diabetes have varying degrees of itching of skin. The skin pruritus may be general, also can be local, local itching vulva and anus place especially in the most obvious. The rest of the night because of the spirit of relaxation, increased attention on pruritus and sensitivity, many reasons that cause skin itching in patients with diabetes, glycemic control is not ideal, hyperglycemia cutaneous intravascular can directly stimulate the skin and cause itching, can also be caused by excessive drying of the skin, or by external stimuli such as temperature changes, clothes and bedding friction induced. Itching attack is to avoid using scratch, because once the catch is often difficult to contain, to scratch the skin may also cause infection, adverse consequences. First of all, should control blood sugar stable, timing quantitative meals, reasonable control, meal one hour exercise. In addition, patients with diabetes to supplement vitamin. Eat more fresh fruits such as tomato, more water, snow lotus fruit, pears, grapefruit, pitaya etc.. Seasonal vegetables, dark green best, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli trees, Chinese cabbage, rape and so on), has the oxidation resistance function, need to eat, very helpful for the elimination of insulin resistance. Secondly, to keep the skin clean. While taking a bath, use neutral bath and soap; wash your face with hot water, can not take a shower, to reduce skin irritation; wear cotton, breathable underwear; dry skin, can be coated CW ointment, lotion, reduce the skin dry, avoid to cause itching.

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