This can eventually lead to unsightly open pores

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Stay up all night, not the law of life, change garments according to the season and by the male hormone effect, makes the horny metabolic rate is not normal, thick cutin accumulated in the pores around, will make the pores become coarse, but also easy to be blocked, resulting in the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, and stretch the pores inside. This phenomenon is most likely to appear on the forehead, nose and cheeks on both sides of the. Horny once saturated with water, would like to suck the water sponge like pores swell, the cells around the suction full of water swelling up, the natural pores will become not obvious; on the other hand, the surface of the skin dry, horny layer will appear dry, rough appearance, pores become more obvious. Many young people have relied on their own young skin cost, often ignore this point, the skin water retention is poor, in addition to let the skin looks rough, coarse pores form outside, also make the skin dark without light. Dirt blocking the pores, the pores to expand the epidermal basal layer of the skin are continually manufacturing cells, and transported to the upper level, cause, after the aging of cells, usually the natural shedding. But those who block the pores, skin The new supersedes the old. not smooth, can not come off as scheduled, causing the pores to expand. Loose skin aging, caused by coarse pores increased with age, blood circulation is not smooth and gradual, the subcutaneous fat layer of the skin is thus easy to relax, lack of flexibility, if the lack of proper maintenance and care, increasingly accelerated aging, the pores naturally rise to a further expansion.

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