The most effective lose weight sport


12 minutes swimming freestyle can consume 836KJ calories, if can consume 836KJ daily and weekly exercise, adhere to the 3 times, then it can be completely away from obesity. Doing stretching exercise, attention must be paid to the selection of suitable exercise their. In general, a set of actions adhere to the 7 seconds the best effect. If choose stretching exercise to lose weight, not to give up, or will cause the results run counter to one’s desire, therefore, must adhere to live ah! Aerobic exercise can fully burn body fat, and will continue to transport oxygen, to all parts of the body, aerobic exercise is a kind of method reducing weight outstanding effect. While jogging are a kind of aerobic exercise, only 20 minutes, the body fat began to burn, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss. Walking, swimming and so on also are aerobic exercise, can be properly selected according to the different preferences and requirements. The water temperature at 37 degrees Celsius hot water soaked body, can make the speed of The new supersedes the old., activate the body cells. Very comfortably soaked in water, and can effectively help in discharge sweat.

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