How to determine liver toxins


1 nail surface with raised ridges, or sag down. TCM believes that “liver reinforcement,” nails are part of the “bar”, so the accumulation of toxins in the liver, there will be a clear signal on the nails.
2 mammary gland hyperplasia occur, premenstrual breast pain increased significantly. Breast belongs to the liver through the line on the route fortress, once the liver in the “poison” is present, then produce breast hyperplasia, especially when blood is about to be discharged, because of the blood of Chong Sheng become obvious pain.
3. Emotional prone to depression. The liver is the organ in vivo regulation of emotion, once the liver toxicity can not be discharged, blocking the gas to run, it will have significant adverse emotions.
4 migraine headaches, acne on both sides of the long face, will appear dysmenorrhea.
How detoxification smoother
1 eat blue food. According to TCM theory of the five elements, blue food can be accessible liver, play a very good liver, stagnation, relieve emotional effect, are helping the liver detox food. Chinese medicine experts recommend blue orange or lemon, orange juice or green skin made of green lemonade, like drinkable.
2 wolfberry to enhance the tolerance of the liver. In addition to detoxification, but also should enhance the ability of the liver to resist toxins. This food devaluation wolfberry, it has a good role in protecting the liver, the liver can improve tolerance to the toxin. When chewing food to eat better, eat a little of the day.
3 Tears detoxification method. Compared to never cry of men, women live longer, it can not be said and tears are related. As the tear fluid excretion, as with sweat and urine, which does have some harmful chemical and biological toxins. So, uncomfortable, wronged, when depressed will simply Kuchu come. For those “optimist”, weekend afternoon watching a sad movie, let the tears flow as the plot is also a proactive way to detox.
Certain organs of our body repair function on its own. We’ll eat all the toxins drain.


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