Drinking cola why is easy to grow fat


Drink coke easy fat like everyone knows things, but this problem has made me feel very confused. Drinking cola why easily fat? To Coca-Cola, 100ml 42 calories. 5Kcal, a jar of easy open cans of 350ml but also 149Kcal, this is a very high heat? Generally considered healthy beverage of Lactobacillus 100ml 62Kcal, like A Hua Tian and Soybean Milk each 100ml also has 58Kcal, than coke heat higher, say to drink cola easily fat is unreasonable. Afterwards just know to drink coke easy to long fat is because they contain high fructose corn syrup (or high fructose corn syrup). Like many carbohydrate food (such as noodles, Steamed Rice) required to pass through to the digestion process of decomposition is absorption, stay in the stomach and intestines longer, slowly absorbed into the bloodstream, and other digestive before re generate hunger. While the high fructose syrup belongs to monosaccharide, needs no decomposition, very easy to be absorbed by human body, directly provide energy. So when hungry dizziness, low blood sugar, drink a can of Coca Cola can immediately improve blood glucose, and spirit. However, the monosaccharide strength go faster, so drinking cola before long it will produce hunger, so must eat. Like some coke instead of water to drink, is necessarily a tank connects with a can of drink. Because Coke can fast heighten of blood glucose and fast rebound effect, say Coca Cola can promote appetite, there really is so. We can think of, then eat Western fast food are especially feel hungry? While eating Steamed Rice will not hungry? Cola should be one of the factors to influence.

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