Facial cleanser bubble is not the more the better


The basic types of Cleansing Cream broadly divided into three categories: Cleansing Cream bubble type, emulsion type Cleansing Cream, no bubble type Cleansing Cream. The first two mechanism is not the same, no foam is the first two ingredients are included. Foam more give more clean and wash the illusion, but must know, moisturizing and cleansing strength is often the contrary, surfactants are also more in Cleansing Cream bubble is rich, the ability to clean the skin more strengthen, also can let the skin surface water paper membrane and intercellular lipids are often containing lipid composition structure affected. Rich foam cleanser is also very suitable for oily skin, and outdoor workers, has long been dust erosion of the crowd. No bubble type Cleansing Cream: this kind of product is combined with characteristics of foam Cleansing Cream and emulsion type Cleansing Cream, both has the amount of oil also contains some surface active agent. Generally speaking, there is not that great efforts to clean function, but wins in very mild, is also suitable for sensitive skin vulnerable. In addition to the need to pay attention to the skin type, but also need to combine the characteristics of weather and environment. In winter, the indoor is the lack of water, the skin is easy to lose moisture, grease secretion is weak, you can use clean strength smaller Cleansing Cream. In summer, the high humidity, the skin secretion of strong oil can choose clean strength slightly larger Cleansing Cream, such as multi bubble type facial cleanser.

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