The daily nursing of the patients with seborrheic dermatitis


Because vitamin A, B2, B6 regulation and inhibitory effects on lipid secretion. Vitamin E may promote the blood circulation of the skin, improve the function of sebaceous glands. The vitamin rich foods of animal liver, carrots, pumpkin, potato, cabbage, sesame oil, rapeseed oil. Because excitant food can affect the endocrine, resulting in skin itching, affecting recovery. Spicy spicy food is hot pepper, pepper, mustard, raw onions, raw garlic, liquor etc.. Greasy food is mainly refers to oil. This kind of food intake too much will promote the sebaceous gland secretion, make an illness aggravating. At the same time, but also pay attention to eat less sweets and salty food, in order to facilitate the rehabilitation of the skin. In addition, patients in the wash shampoo, preferably without soap, do not use hot water scald itching. Because sebum overflow is sebaceous gland hyperfunction, commonly used hot water, soap and wash away sebum, because the stimulus, will make the sebaceous glands are more active, aggravating seborrhea.

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